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 BOPET Biaxially-oriented Polyester Film

The great advantages of HENGLI brand polyester film are high tensile strength, elastic modulus, impact strength and bending resistance, surface gloss and transparency, heat resistance (210 ℃), good thermal stability, non-toxic and tasteless, good oxygen permeability and moisture resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, excellent optical properties and electrical insulating properties, such as high electrical strength of power frequency , small dielectric loss and big electrical resistivity etc. In addition, the surface quality of film can be further improved after special treatment, such as improving the film physical property, surface flatness, dimensional stability, surface adhesion.

Printing, composite, aluminum, laser anti-counterfeiting, gold and silver cardboard, transfer stamping, reflective, household card, electrical insulation, medical packaging, mobile screen, flat panel display, electronic and electrical and so on.

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